CANTIENICA Cantieni-what? CANTIENICA Cantieni-what?

Our body is made for movement. Perfected over millions of years, the human physique is equipped with anything we need to lead a healthy, pain-free and active life.

Our daily routines force us to assume fixed, motionless positions or to sit for long periods of time. This leaves us confronted with an immobile, aching body.

The CANTIENICA® Method for Bodyform & Posture provides you with the framework to explore your body and its ingenious muscular network. By way of precise instructions and emphathetic coaching you will, at your own speed, discover a comfortable, pain-free posture. You will get to know the anatomically logical alignment of your bones and the stabilising qualities of the layers of deep muscle tissue. Irrespective of how old or young you may feel, how flexible or rigid, it is always the right time to set yourself in motion.

Back pain
to back gain

CANTIENICA Back pain to back gain

Our spine is the longitudinal axis that erects our body – like a long, pliable bamboo. Our entire inner workings are oriented and organised around it – bones and muscles as well as organs. Any lasting or extreme curvature, flexion or tension affects our entire posture and wellbeing.

Through the CANTIENICA®-Method, you will hone your awareness for your posture and you will learn to align your spine, stable and free from discomfort. Your spine’s deep muscles are exercised and connected to your abdominal muscles.

Activating this muscular network will reward you with stability, relief and an extraordinary sense of lightness.

This new sense of posture that is derived from the power of deep muscles can be easily integrated into your daily routines, and you can prevent issues such as muscular tension, repetitive strain injuries or frozen shoulder syndrome. You will quickly remember and internalise this new, congenial posture; you are transforming your back pain into back gain.

Pelvic floor

CANTIENICA Pelvic floor exercise

The pelvic floor is one of the most important horizontal muscular support systems for our body. Trained well, it will carry the entire torso and helps to prevent and sustainably alleviate incontinence or the descent of organs (ptosis), as well as rectifying poor posture and back issues.

The CANTIENICA®-method pelvic floor exercises activate the deep muscles of the entire pelvis and connect it with the sceletal muscles of the spine.

With every exercise, you are working towards a powerful pelvic floor and a healty back and you will learn to build power and stability from the center of your body.

To rediscover and strengthen your pelvic floor, you can either participate in regular classes or enrol in a pelvic floor workshop.

& Birth

CANTIENICA Pregnancy & Birth

During and after the enormous physical achievement of pregnancy and birth, your pelvic floor needs special attention. Both during pregnancy and in your daily routine with children, your pelvic floor plays an enormously important role in correct posture, lifting and carrying.

Your pelvic floor muscles are responsible for keeping upright your entire torso. Used correctly, these muscles are a true powerhouse to keep your spine upright. CANTIENICA®- exercise will put you in touch with your pelvic floor muscles and you will experience first-hand the support of the forces from the centre of your body. You will find it effortless to assume a comfortable posture that takes the strain of your pelvis. This will give you energy and power for the process of birth and the new challenges for your daily routine with a child.


CANTIENICA Courses / Workshops

Strengthen Your Core! CANTIENICA®-Workshop on February the 6th from 11-2 p.m. at Hebammerie Kreuzberg.

Start the New Year fresh and enhance your core strength!
Stabilize your pelvis and your back. Improve your posture by learning how to use and integrate the muscle network of your pelvis and trunks deepest muscle layers in your everyday life. With the CANTIENICA®-Method, you will hone your awareness for your posture and you will learn to align your spine - stable and free from discomfort. Look forward to seeing you in class!
Questions? Want to sign up?
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Mon Hebammenpraxis Schönweide 10.00h-11.00h: for pregnant women
11.15h-12.15h: post natal
Tue Hebammerie Kreuzberg 08.30h-09.30h: for pregnant women
09.45h-10.45h: open class men&women
11.00h-12.00h: post natal
Wed Hebammerie Kreuzberg 18.30h-19.30h: for women
19.45h-20.45h: open class men&women
Thu Hebammenzeit Friedrichshain 08.30h-09.30h: for women
09.45h-10.45h: post natal

All courses are ongoing, trial lessons are possible anytime, but please register via email.

Course fees depend on location and type of course, I am happy to provide exact pricing and further information via email.

Individual one-on-one coaching can be arranged anytime and costs 80 EURO (60 min).

CANTIENICA®-Workshops are centered around invididual themes such as pelvic floor, back, postnatal training or running. Each workshop imparts anatomical basics on a theoretical and practical basis. Workshops can serve as a great first step or as a means to delve deeper into a particular area.


CANTIENICA Nina Altschiller

My name is Nina Altschiller, I was born in 1976 in Wiesbaden. After completing a degree in film, theater and media studies, and after giving birth to my first child I discovered the CANTIENICA®- method in 2005. The precise, individual support in class and the new physical awareness afterwards were a profound inspiration to me, so I started to train as a CANTIENICA®-coach and began teaching after the birth of my second son in 2008.

I am certified for all regular levels (up to Gold status) and teach regular ongoing courses for men and women as well as pre- and post natal courses.

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